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Actionable, data-driven content for B2B SaaS

Do you want more traffic, leads, and signups for your company?

Sure you do, you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

You’re smart, so you don’t need me to tell you how great content can help your business.

I don’t need to remind you that businesses that blog get more traffic and qualified leads or that blogging helps build a stronger relationship with your customers.

You know great content is important, but you either don’t have the time to create it or the content you’ve created in the past hasn’t worked out the way you planned.

Content marketing takes a lot of work to pull off well, but don’t worry I can help with that

Jana Barrett, Content Marketing Manager at GetFeedback

“Lenny has been a great asset to our content marketing program. He delivers projects on time and works with us closely to make sure each piece of content will resonate with our audience. Beyond being an incredible writer and marketer, he’s a gifted content strategist who thinks bigger picture and helps his clients do the same. I’d recommend him to any company looking for outstanding content.”

Jonas Fischer, Content Marketing Manager at MailerLite

“I enjoyed working with Lenny. He is professional and reliable, delivering our projects on strategy and on time. I would recommend him to anyone looking to scale their content marketing quickly. He understands how to write B2B content.”

Lenny johnson Freelance writer for b2b SaaS

I’m Lenny Johnson, and I help SaaS businesses like yours create compelling, data-driven and actionable content that their audience’s love.
Let’s face it, a 300 words blog post might have worked in 2005 but not anymore, content has to drip with quality to even get a share these days.
You need content that does more.
Content that will:
✓ Solve your customer’s pain points and create lasting relationships.
✓ Boost your search ranking and authority.
✓ Touch people so much they become your brand’s promoters.
✓ Supply steady leads to your marketing funnel.
Most B2B content gets weighed down with business jargon and buzzwords. I get it, writing’s not your thing.
Thankfully it’s what I do.
I’ll translate your unique story and solution into content that ranks higher and delivers valuable leads. So you can focus on improving your product and delivering excellent results to your customers.

People like you choose me because:
✓ They don’t have to constantly track my progress or do extensive editing on my work.
✓ I understand search engine optimization and how to make content rank high.
✓ I deliver quality content on time, every time. No missed deadlines or delays.
✓ I understand B2B writing and their content objectives.
✓ I pay attention to detail and my writing is always well researched, full of data points and linked to interesting resources.
✓ I bill a fixed fee so they never have to worry about ever-expanding hourly invoices.